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I’m in a crafty phase at the moment

29 Sep

So,  my interests are marked by phases. I’m not talking longer term phases, but more short term ones lasting a few months until something else more important gets in the way. Something more important like homework or papers or horribly tests. The phase that I am in right now is another crafty phase. In the last crafty phase I was in, I bought my original, 1920ish, Singer Sewing machine.

My sewing machine

My sewing machine

I didn’t really know how to sew on a machine before this, and I’m sure it’s easier on a newer model, but this machine is amazing. I love it so much.  I often ponder as I’m sewing what all the machine has seen. I know for the last 5 to 10 years it has seen nothing but the inside of the table that it flips down into. But before that what has this amazing machine sewn? Making your own (fill in the blank) use to be a way of life. It use to be a necessity. I am so intrigued with what this machine has seen. I wish I could be like Micah on Heros (yes I know, no comments are needed) and be able to communicate with machines. It would be such a joy to me. But that is enough about my sewing machine. 😀 The purpose of this post is to tell you about my latest projects. I love the website If you are even a little bit inclined to do a crafty project, you should check out that website. It has everything. That is where I got the tutorial about how to make a purse out of a place mat. I found some of the cutest place mats for this. Here is two of them that I have made the last couple of days.