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Now I can breath for a moment

28 Oct

So, my old testament test is over. I don’t know how it went, hopefully well. Now, I just have tons of other stuff to do. But tonight, I am taking a night to do what ever I want, which will probably be something crafty if I find inspiration at work today, which I probably will. The other day I was making a pin for my mom and I was showing Meg how to do it, so she just did it while I was doing something else. I turned out great!

Flower Pin 001

I found the idea here. I thought it was cute and had flower buttons in this giant bucket of buttons my mom brought me. These buttons use to be my grandma’s, so there is all kinds of cool stuff in there. If you go to the website that I found them on, I think I’m gonna make something like the red one too. I wish pins were cool, or that I could just pull it off, but oh well. My mom can and they will look cool on her apron at work. There will probably be a post later also. I’m sure inspiration will hit while I’m surfing the craft  blogspheres at work.



26 Oct

Meg and I carved pumpkins tonight. I spent all day studying for my old testament test, so I took a break this evening and carved pumpkins with Meg. They turned out so good.

pumpkins 013

Megs is the scarecrow and mine is the welcome. We are having a party this weekend and these will make great decorations!

pumpkins 009

Gloves and a New Coat

25 Oct

So this project was born out of necessity and just plain wanting something for a long time and never giving in. I made hobo gloves out of some tall socks that I have worn about three times. You can find the original tutorial here. I did change it a bit. She used dress socks, and I used those really talk socks you can find around this time of year. The ones that go all the way up to your knees, or if your me, above your knees.

gloves and coats 003gloves and coats 004

Since I used taller socks, I made the gloves longer, so they come half way between my wrist and elbow. I also put the toe part of the sock on the back of the gloves so it can cover my fingers if they get cold.

gloves and coats 001

One thing she did that I wish I would have looked at her tutorial again before I did it was that she made a hem on the cut ends of the gloves, and I didn’t. It’s ok because it kind of rolls up this way and hides the stitching, but the inside of my socks are pretty fuzzy and this makes it show. But oh well, I really like them and I’ve always wanted a pair of hobo gloves. And this was free, because I already had the socks. While I was at Wallie World yesterday, they had socks similar to this that were knee socks for $3.00. So, if you don’t have any cute socks, they have them there. But read Disney’s tutorial first then, look at mine. She does a better job at tutorials.

On a different note, I got a new coat yesterday. I really needed a new one and this is one that you can take apart so it is actually four coats in one because the inner lining is a jacket that is reversible. And the outer jacket is like a rain coat, and I really needed one of those too. I’m excited about it, but since my style adviser (Amber) wasn’t here, I need your advice about the color/pattern.

gloves and coats 005

I really like the colors, and the pattern, but I’m not sure how much I like it on the outside of the main coat. What do you think? I’m serious, please post a comment on whether you like it or not. I just can’t decide, I do, but for me? Is it too wildish? I just can’t decide, so I didn’t take the tags off and kept the receipt. And it was only $50, so that’s not bad for all that plus a lot of coats like that, are really expensive. And I won’t need a new coat for several years because I got it really big, and I just like it bigger.

On another different note, I found the cutest way to display some of my pears until I get a cute bowl to put them in.

gloves and coats 007

Business Card Holder

23 Oct

So, I made the cutest business card holder for someone special who just got business cards the other day. (Yep just for you) and now I’m thinking about keeping it because my credit cards fit perfectly in it. It’s super cute. I found the tutorial here. Oh, and I’m really excited about my next project!! Stay tuned, This one will take more than a day, mainly because I have to study for a stupid test. Crafting is so much more fun than studying.

On a crafting note.

23 Oct

I know two posts in one day, tooo much. I just thought since this is a crafty like blog, I would update you on my crafyness. I worked on pears last night. I’m making a bunch. I found that too make them the most visually apealing you should get different kinds of fabrics. The tutorial I got them from said use two plain and one print, but like like three print, two of them being simple/solidish and one really fun print. I think it add the most visual appeal. Hence on my last pear posting, I made three and took the picture with each on having a different side showing. But if you look, that is the three fabrics that I used on each of the first three. So, it is easiest for me, to do them in sets of three. Esp since I want to make three complete sets. I also found instead of having lots of fabric left over and buying lots of yardage and frankly having the cutting ladies really ticked at me, I bought quarter squares! Meg and I went and picked them out, yes Amber, I had help matching the fabrics since you weren’t here so nothing clashes or anything like that. So here are a few pictures of the pears in progress.

turkeys and pears 009

I dragged my sewing macine into the middle of the living room, so I could still watch Thursday night shows. Yes, I know this is completely ridiculous. But soon, I will have a crafting corner and dragging of the sewing machine will not be necessary!! (sad note, we got rid of Lulu the bunbun, but she is going to a better home with a girl who will be way more enthusiastic about her)

turkeys and pears 008

Pears in all stages of development. Yes, they are filled with minute rice.

turkeys and pears 001turkeys and pears 005

and one of my favorite things about living on campus. in a medium to larger size city I have GIANT turkeys in my back yard. they go with the deer that also like this patch of earth.

My thought for the day…

23 Oct

Perk of being a full fledged grown up: vacations. I’m talking, I don’t go to work or class or anything else. sittin at home all day doing crafts. Bummer of stillllll being a college student: even on breaks I still have tons of stuff to be doing. Example you ask? Fall break, it was wonderful, but I still had to work. You say I only work 20 hours a week? true, I only work 20 hours a week, but that doesn’t begin t compare with the 12 hours of graduate work and all the stuff that I should/need/sometimes do. But you say, I don’t really do a lot of the work? true also, but there are times like this that I wish I did. I wish i was more diligent about school work and actually cared more about it. Example? I have an old testament test this coming Wednesday. Where I love my ot class, I don’t want to take a test from a professor that I have never had before, about the Pentateuch. That is a lot of flippin material!!! Oh and by the way, we only have two tests and a giaaaantttt paper. My entire grade is three things, so if I bomb one of them, the entire grade goes down. Where does it say in the college manual, that I never got by the way, that your life can depend on one hour of the entire semester. Ok I know that that is completely over exaggerating, it’s not my life but for those who know me, it sorta kind of is. It’s probably an issue that I’m a bit to prideful about, but I have good grades. It’s been drilled into my head and at times like this that all I can hear in my head is my mom saying, if you did the work in the first place you wouldn’t be freaking out about it now. Not that she would really say that, but I know that is why she is thinking or at least that is what she is thinking in my head and a bit too loudly. 😀 well it’s been a nice chat with you and I’ve enjoyed it, now to go try and memorize critical literature reviews of the Bible. WooHoo! and thanks mom and dad for giving me the brains to pull this test off, oh and thanks God for always being there and circling the right answer for me!


22 Oct

So, instead of studying for my old testament test like I have been all day and am going to do again all day tomorrow, I made pears! They are so cute. I got the tutorial here. They were so easy and would look amazing in a pretty bowl on a table. Now I just need a pretty bowl. 😀

pears 001

On a not so good news, I haven’t been feeling that good today. My stomach is really upset. I’m not sure why, but I think it might be the food I ate last night or something. I just wish I could take a day off and not do anything, so I can just feel better. Oh well, tis life. I have lots of stuff to do. Like study for a test, and write a paper, well, two papers, etc etc etc.

New Cd.

20 Oct

Dan indulged me today and downloaded the new Michael Buble cd. I’m already in love with it. I wish I could upload a song to my post to share with you all. But alas, we can’t. Dan is so good to me. On a day like today, Michael can make my mood better. Tuesdays are a really really long day for me. Since last week was fall break, I didn’t have to get up at all. It was nice. I do not like mornings. But now that school is back on Tuesdays I have class at 7:00 in the morning. and I go to class until 3, then work from 3 or 4 to 6:00. Then the highlight of my day is dinner with the girls. So, I have a really really long day and Michael just makes it a bit better. 😀

first round a hit!

16 Oct

So the first round of deserts were a hit. everyone really seemed to like them. And everywhere I go, the apple pear crumble  pie is a really big hit. So I decided to share my recipe with everyone. I got the original recipe of I heart big time. Here is a direct link. I however never follow a recipe exactly. I just can’t do it. So, here is my version of this recipe.

40 ish Vanilla Wafters – crushed

1/3 cup brown sugar – packed

1/3 cup butter – melted

1 Pie Crust – mine is a ready made one from Pillsbury, I was leery of the off brands in this case

3 apples – sliced

2 pears – sliced

1/3 cup granualted sugar

1/3 cup flour

2 very healthy shakes of cinnamon

Heat your oven to 375

Make sure your fruit is sliced. Mix wafer crumbs, butter and brown sugar.

Mix apples, pears, granulated sugar, flour and cinnamon.

Put pie dough in bottom of pie pan, and spread cream cheese mixture to cover the bottom of pie. Dump fruit mixture, spread crumb mixture on top.

The fruit will be very full, so you have to kind of arrange it in the pan, but it makes for a full pie and pie filling is my favorite. The crumb mixture will be gooey like, so spread it on top of the fruit the best you can.

Bake for 35 min, covering after 25 with foil. Once crust is brown and fruit look soft, you are done!! I know the immediate this to do at this point would be to eat it, but it really is best if you put it in the fridge and chill until cold. Although it was good warm 😀

No crafts, but lots of baking

15 Oct

So, I didn’t have any time to do anything crafty tonight, but there is a good reason. I spent the whole night baking. I  made two pumpkin cheesecakes and two pear apple crumble pies. I’m pretty sure that the pies turned out good because I’ve made that recipe before. I hope that the pumpkin cheesecakes are good. I made so much baked goods because we are going to an office party tomorrow. By office party, I mean we are watching the office, the amazing tv show. And the other set is for my family that is coming this weekend!! So the posts might be kind of sketchy till next week, but I’ll try to take pictures and post all the fun.