3 Oct

My younger sister and her husband, Amber and Jay, have a blog about intentional community. I wanted to write a response about what intentional community looks like in my life. For me, community is necessary for my life to be successful. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder in 2005. I discovered over the years that one way that I can help my symptoms is by having community around me.

In my life intentional community is the group of girls that I meet with on Tuesday nights. I have two dear friends that I eat dinner with on Tuesday evenings. We go to a fast food, cheap place and we talk and share. The difference with this group versus other groups or gatherings is our purpose for meeting. We don’t meet just to keep up with one another or to have fun. We meet with the question: what are you struggling with right now? We sit and chat and catch up and then we get intentionally transparent with each other. We are each committed to sharing our deepest, darkest things in our minds and hearts right now. It is something current that might have its origin in something from the past or it might be something in our lives that just happened and we need help processing it.

We got the idea to do this from my former roommates in Springfield. In Springfield, intentional community looked a bit different. It looked like a house that was welcoming to any who wanted to enter. It was anything that it needed to be. It was amazing. Once I got a taste of it, I realized I couldn’t live without it. It kept me on track in everything¬† of life. After I moved from Springfield and my roommates went their separate ways, I realized that my life had an empty spot in it. This spot has been filled in a different way but just a way that is just a potent.

I feel that intentional community is necessary for all of us to live what Christ died for us to live. That is why he sent us out two by two to share the good news. In my case, in my life at the moment, it is three by three. These friends a dear and that is what intentional community is for me.


One Response to “Community”

  1. amberkayhoward October 21, 2009 at 12:23 am #

    This is beautiful. I am dumb for not reading it earlier.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am feeling that empty spot a bit right now that you were feeling. Pittsburgh challenged me about it. Just the small time I was there was so wonderfully challenging with the few people of a community we were with.

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