More button coasters

9 Oct

So, I worked at our drive up location today and it rained all day, so that means we were really slow. So, guess what I did with my day! Made more button coasters. I’m really excited about it. I have three so far, almost a whole set. Here are pictures of the new ones.

I just love these coasters. I do have a question for all those out in the internets land. Where can I find a giant bucket of buttons? I found the tubes at hobby lobby, but there isn’t that much in the tubes. I’m talking like half a coffee can full of buttons of similarish sizes. I need a bunch and hopefully cheap.

On a different note, they are calling for snow flakes this weekend here. SNOWFLAKES!!! It’s OCTOBER and the beginning of October at that. I can’t even imagine what this winter is going to be like. I don’t think I like this winter up here.

And Jess, I’m super excited we both have craft blogs. I’m waiting for an update on yours. And to know how your granny square clutch turned out. And I’m even more super excited for you to move here and teach me out to do it. And I was thinking, you could maybe transfer to the Hobby Lobby here and would for sure have at least a part time job when you first moved. Then hopefully find something more to your tastes, maybe you could work where Meg works and and take care of kids.

Fall break is next week and I’m so excited. I hopefully will have enough time to work on my quilt. I haven’t worked on it much. Other projects always get in the way. Plus I’m reading a really exciting book called Love and Respect. I’m greatly enjoying it.


One Response to “More button coasters”

  1. amberkayhoward October 21, 2009 at 12:16 am #

    I like the coasters, but I do think they need some cork or something. Also, Jay thinks they would be cool if you used square buttons. Just a thought.
    Oh, and you made these at work? That is awesome.

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