No crafts, but lots of baking

15 Oct

So, I didn’t have any time to do anything crafty tonight, but there is a good reason. I spent the whole night baking. I  made two pumpkin cheesecakes and two pear apple crumble pies. I’m pretty sure that the pies turned out good because I’ve made that recipe before. I hope that the pumpkin cheesecakes are good. I made so much baked goods because we are going to an office party tomorrow. By office party, I mean we are watching the office, the amazing tv show. And the other set is for my family that is coming this weekend!! So the posts might be kind of sketchy till next week, but I’ll try to take pictures and post all the fun.


One Response to “No crafts, but lots of baking”

  1. amberkayhoward October 20, 2009 at 11:55 pm #

    The cheesecake is delicious. I can’t not eat all of it. There is still one big piece left.
    The pie is pretty tasty too. Good job, sister.

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