My thought for the day…

23 Oct

Perk of being a full fledged grown up: vacations. I’m talking, I don’t go to work or class or anything else. sittin at home all day doing crafts. Bummer of stillllll being a college student: even on breaks I still have tons of stuff to be doing. Example you ask? Fall break, it was wonderful, but I still had to work. You say I only work 20 hours a week? true, I only work 20 hours a week, but that doesn’t begin t compare with the 12 hours of graduate work and all the stuff that I should/need/sometimes do. But you say, I don’t really do a lot of the work? true also, but there are times like this that I wish I did. I wish i was more diligent about school work and actually cared more about it. Example? I have an old testament test this coming Wednesday. Where I love my ot class, I don’t want to take a test from a professor that I have never had before, about the Pentateuch. That is a lot of flippin material!!! Oh and by the way, we only have two tests and a giaaaantttt paper. My entire grade is three things, so if I bomb one of them, the entire grade goes down. Where does it say in the college manual, that I never got by the way, that your life can depend on one hour of the entire semester. Ok I know that that is completely over exaggerating, it’s not my life but for those who know me, it sorta kind of is. It’s probably an issue that I’m a bit to prideful about, but I have good grades. It’s been drilled into my head and at times like this that all I can hear in my head is my mom saying, if you did the work in the first place you wouldn’t be freaking out about it now. Not that she would really say that, but I know that is why she is thinking or at least that is what she is thinking in my head and a bit too loudly. 😀 well it’s been a nice chat with you and I’ve enjoyed it, now to go try and memorize critical literature reviews of the Bible. WooHoo! and thanks mom and dad for giving me the brains to pull this test off, oh and thanks God for always being there and circling the right answer for me!


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