On a crafting note.

23 Oct

I know two posts in one day, tooo much. I just thought since this is a crafty like blog, I would update you on my crafyness. I worked on pears last night. I’m making a bunch. I found that too make them the most visually apealing you should get different kinds of fabrics. The tutorial I got them from said use two plain and one print, but like like three print, two of them being simple/solidish and one really fun print. I think it add the most visual appeal. Hence on my last pear posting, I made three and took the picture with each on having a different side showing. But if you look, that is the three fabrics that I used on each of the first three. So, it is easiest for me, to do them in sets of three. Esp since I want to make three complete sets. I also found instead of having lots of fabric left over and buying lots of yardage and frankly having the cutting ladies really ticked at me, I bought quarter squares! Meg and I went and picked them out, yes Amber, I had help matching the fabrics since you weren’t here so nothing clashes or anything like that. So here are a few pictures of the pears in progress.

turkeys and pears 009

I dragged my sewing macine into the middle of the living room, so I could still watch Thursday night shows. Yes, I know this is completely ridiculous. But soon, I will have a crafting corner and dragging of the sewing machine will not be necessary!! (sad note, we got rid of Lulu the bunbun, but she is going to a better home with a girl who will be way more enthusiastic about her)

turkeys and pears 008

Pears in all stages of development. Yes, they are filled with minute rice.

turkeys and pears 001turkeys and pears 005

and one of my favorite things about living on campus. in a medium to larger size city I have GIANT turkeys in my back yard. they go with the deer that also like this patch of earth.


One Response to “On a crafting note.”

  1. jessandtyler October 23, 2009 at 5:35 pm #

    Cute, cute, cute. You get soooooo many more crafts completed than me! I am pretty excited that you get to have a craft corner soon. And I am happy that Lulu is out of your hair now…and that she gets to go to another good home.

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