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So remember Hedgie?

29 Nov

So you guys remember me posting about hedgie? Turns out she is quite the party animal and is traveling around the blogosphere. You can find her in her latest place here.

She is also traveling around my house:

Man I love having my Christmas tree up. Would it be crazy if I kept it up all year? Ya, that’s what I thought.


Button Snowflake Ornaments

28 Nov

So, everyone loved those snowflake ornaments that I posted on my post about One Note. I had to make them and they are super easy. You can find the tutorial for the button snowflake ornaments here. Here are the ones that I made.

I used white hangers instead of the darker ones that she used because we have tons of white hangers. The hubb’s job use a uniform company that uses white hangers. So we have an unlimited amount of them. I also liked the red and green buttons for an extra kick of color. I like color by the way. I had to get hubbs to help me with it too. My wrists are kinda weak because of arthritis/carpel tunnel or something and I had a really hard time cutting the wire. So he helped me out. He is so good to me.

Hair Straightener or Curling Iron Heat Cozy Tutorial

27 Nov

And here it is, my second tutorial! So, I travel quite a bit. Being a semi-newly married (year and a half, do I still count as a newly wed?), family loving,sorta college student (grad students still count right, sucker for families and all they hold dear, I travel a lot. Especially since my parents are 4 hours away and my sisters and in-laws are three hours away. That doesn’t even begin to include my dear friends that don’t live in here or the grandparents who we never get to see. So, I’m constantly packing and I go now place without my dear friend, the hair straightener. No, I don’t straighten my hair, I don’t even blow dry it, but my bangs, never go anywhere before they have been straightened. I don’t wear lots of make up and I don’t do my hair, but I require five things no matter where I go. My straightener, foundation, mascara, eye liner and my brush. The brush is optional. It’s more for you all’s benefit. πŸ˜€ So, here is how I made my straighteners heat proof travel home.

I got a pot holder from Big Lots. It was $5 but, it came with a really big oven mitt. It is also neoprene on the inside, so I know it won’t melt, but any pot holder will do. You could even get one from the dollar store for cheap. Or you could get one the day after Christmas that had a nice plain pattern or color on one side and put the Christmas part on the inside. Or you could even make your own.

First, take your pot holder and measure which way is best for your iron.

After deciding that, simply sew around the edge of the bias tape on the side and the closed end.

I went around my edges twice just for extra strength. And then you are done. Super easy huh?

Slip your iron in and you can travel anywhere you want, even if your iron is hot. And if you find a potholder that has a pocket on it like mine, you can slip your cord in there and keep it contained.

And tada! Your ready to go. Happy travels. It would also be really good for the teen in your life or better yet a college student!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

26 Nov

I hope each one of you got to hang out with your family and eat lots of turkey.

We are at my husband’s parents today and we will be back home tomorrow. I’ll make something cool tomorrow. πŸ˜€

Do you guys know about this?

23 Nov

So, have you guys ever heard of the program One Note? It’s part of the Microsoft Office bundle, the really big bundle. Can I tell you how much I love it. It has different “notebooks” and you just add tabs and pages. Ever since I got Toshie (that’s my pretty lappy’s name (my laptop, I’m really fond of her)) I take all my notes in One Note. I don’t know how I would do my Old Testament notes if it wasn’t for One Note and Toshie. If you have One Note in your Office Bundle go check it out. I also use one notebook to copy tutorials into so I can keep the ideas for later. This is helpful to remember that one thing I saw that one day that would be really cute for Amber for her birthday in March, but I can’t make it for her for Christmas because she already has way to many things because I just see so many things that she would like or at least pretend to link a lot. You know πŸ˜€

And don’t you love that button snowflake? I’m gonna make it soon. Right after Thanksgiving, because there is no time before that. Have a lovely evening! Well day, because its super late. πŸ˜€


22 Nov

So, I’m really excited to be doing a giveaway! One of the fabric necklaces that I’ve made I’m giving it away over at Craftaholics Anonymous! So head over there and enter to win!

If you are coming from over there, it is a pleasure to meet you. Take a second and look around and let me know which projects are your favorite. And check out my about me page to learn a bit about me and the hubbs. Hope your having a great day!


19 Nov

So, I decided I needed a button. So grab it here!

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Christmas Decorations!

18 Nov

So, in my family we have a rule that you can’t decorate for Christmas until after my older sister’s birthday. Well, I totally just broke that rule. Dan-the hubby, is on vacation from work this week and we decorated tonight. We aren’t home for a whole evening together all that often, and we don’t have all the much time all that often, so we took advantage of it. And I love it. I got several things the day after Christmas last year and had forgotten all of them! For a tree I have my mom and dad’s old tree, so it is sheddingΒ  bad and getting pretty sparse. So, they had those giant ornament balls last year and I picked up several to take up a lot of room so the tree didn’t look so sparse. I also got those giant, ceramic lights that are really vintage style. I love how it looks. And I got a new tree topper. I had completely forgotten all about all my new stuff. It was like Christmas morning of decorating πŸ˜€ Without further adieu, here are my decorations.

Sorry, it is a bit blurry, I didn’t realize that. The little tree beside the big tree has all ornaments that my older sister has made for the hubbs and me. She does it every year along with our Christmas present.

This is a little tree my mom made me. It is made out of clear beads, mainly starburst beads. I wish I could give you guys a tutorial on it. It is so pretty with the lights in it. The materials are beads, starburst and the three prong ones (I don’t know the name of them), safety pins, and craft wire.

Here is my table. I love the round ornaments in that candle holder. You can’t really tell, but that red container is felt and has a really intricate cut pattern in the front of it. It’s holding all the cloth napkins we use. Yes we use cloth napkins, I just like it better and there are no children in my house, so I don’t have the much laundry and stuff as it is.

Please ignore the clutter, I was trying to get the stockings and hangers. Plus the plate and bells in the middle. Those are were brought back from Nicaragua by my mom-in-law for me. They depict the manger scene.

Snowflakes that I put on my curtains. I just like them πŸ™‚

Just a pretty one with all the lights turned off. Hope you are having a great time decorating your house!

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15 Nov

So, I found this adorable tutorial/pattern to make the cutest hedgehog ever. I was just blog surfing last night and ran across this blog. I love blog surfing. Isn’t, Hedgie so cute!

hedgehog 003

hedgehog 002

Dan just had to get on my blog again πŸ™‚

Hope you are having a great Sunday, go take a nap and make a hedgehog, They are super easy!

Mod Podge Plates

14 Nov

So I’m practically done with Christmas shopping/making. I know, crazy, but I made a lot of them so I didn’t want to wait until the last moment. I made this for my mother in law!

Plates 004

Overall I really like it. I would suggest not doing a dark fabric like I did. I did some other plates and the prints are lighter on them and they turned out better. I would also suggest using a foam brush instead of paint brush. It should look cool in my mom-in-laws kitchen though. I found the Mod Podge Fabric backed plate tutorial on a great blog that I follow. You should go check out all of her projects and the projects that she features.

On a happy note, my old testament paper is almost done! Woot!