8 Nov

So it was a beautiful day here in the Midwest. And the hubby was home!! We enjoyed a relaxing day. And laundry was still done and since it was so nice we hung it outside like normal. I hate winter because I can’t hang my laundry out. And when you pay for washers and dryers, hanging it outside is amazing. After laundry was done and we were kind of bored and wanted to go outside, we enjoyed the afternoon hammocking. Yep, I made it in to a verb. And I haven’t posted about my homemade hammocks.

Hammocks 005

That is the view from my hammock to Dan’s hammock. His is so cute with semi trucks on it and mine is super cute flower pattern.

To make these hammocks all you need is fabric 3 and 1/2 yards long, two pieces of very sturdy rope, and a sewing machine. The first thing you do is hem the long sides, fold the hem over twice to make it nice and strong. Then make pockets at each end like you would for a curtain or like you did with the ribbon on the last name sign for the rope to go through. Make sure you sew the pocket quite a few times because that is where the most stress is. I also make a pocket really deep, and then fold it over again so the material is doubled over on the pockets so it’s stronger. Thread some rope through each end and tie it around a tree or post or whatever you choose. And you can enjoy a lovely afternoon! Your hammock when put up will look like this:

Hammocks 002


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