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Good to be home.

27 Dec

Man blogging world it’s always good to be home after being gone traveling, but man it was really good to be home home (Mom and Dad’s house).

I’ll post tomorrow or the next with all my Christmas presents. Let’s just say I’m really excited about my new sewing machine!!


Merry Christmas All!

25 Dec

I hope each one of you had a great time with your family today and enjoyed another good Christmas. Our’s was great besides the sickness that seems to hit our house full force. Well, hit Mom and Dad’s house full force. Have a great weekend and enjoy your family a little bit more.

Look Mom! I was featured again!

22 Dec

Well, ok I was kind of featured again. Over at Sew, Mama, Sew my tutorial for the hair straightener heat cozy is on a list of tutorials of last min Christmas projects. I love Sew, Mama, Sew’s blog. They did a whole month of handmade things for the holidays. And they have so many different tutorials from regular bloggers. I find lots of cute things there! Posting will be sporatic from now until after New Years. I know of at least one project that I am going to do and I’m sure their will be posts while I’m at my parent’s house. I’m super excited because my sisters are gonna be home and we are all going to be together and I love my family!!! Plus I can’t wait for everyone to open my homemade gifts!! Have a great Christmas and I hope you get to spend a lot of time with family!

Week of Ornaments Day 5

18 Dec

On the last day of the week of ornaments I have a random post of meaningful ornaments. The first one is the one year together ornament that Mom and Dad got Dan and I last Christmas. The second one is the little Mechanic guy that Dan’s parents got him last year.(The hubbs is a mechanic) And the third one is an ice cream cone that Dan’s parents got him a long time ago. (The hubbs also loves ice cream. We are not talking he enjoys eating it, we are talking he loves ice cream about as much as me.)

Now as promised, Here is my very first McLinky! So link up to your favorite ornament and tell me the story behind it!

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Week of Ornaments Day 4 Times 2

17 Dec

So, yes there are two posts today! I have so many different ornaments that I need to have two in one day. This post is all the ornaments that my older sister has made me! Each year she paints a different ornament for each of us. Here are all the different ones that I have. If you remember from my Christmas decoration post. She has a whole tree to herself. It’s a small tree but it’s a full tree. When I get a real house maybe she will get a big tree to herself. She better get painting. Oh and Misty, I’m super excited about this years!

Week of Ornaments Day 4

17 Dec

So, today’s ornaments were all given to me from my Mom and Dad. Each year since we moved out of the house, for Christmas Mom picks out an ornament for us. I love them. They are so pretty. Each of these came from a glass place called Mikasa. There use to be an outlet store at an outlet mall nearish Mom and Dad’s house. Sadly it went out out of business, so you can only buy their glass stuff at places like Dillards and Macy’s. We use to go there every time we went to the outlet mall. It was awesome.

I took pictures of them on the tree this time since they are glass and so pretty with the lights behind them.

I’m out an about again.

16 Dec

So I’m over at Craftaholics Annoymous again today with my hair straightener cozy tutorial! So go check me out over there and she is having a week of readers tutorials, so check out the other tutorials for those last minute Christmas ideas. Plus she is having tons of giveaways!

Have a great day today!

Week of Ornaments Day 3

16 Dec

So the ornaments of today are super dupper special to me. They are the first ornaments that my mom and dad bought for their first tree. And they are awesome. I’ve loved them ever since I can remember. Mom never thought they were anything special but I always thought they were so pretty. Then when I got me own tree and mom and dad had so many ornaments there was nothing to do with these anymore, Mom gave them to me. Now I have them on my tree. Some are broken but they are still on my tree every year.

Week of Ornaments Day 2

15 Dec

So my pretty ornaments that I have today were given to me by my hubby and my older sister. They both are hand blown glass balls. I love them and they are so pretty. The one that Dan got me is the cobalt blue one. He bought it the first year we went to Silver Dollar City in Branson at Christmas time. Man, if you have never heard of Silver Dollar City, which if your not from the mid-west, you probably haven’t, you should go google pictures of it at Christmas. It’s so pretty. The other ball is from my older sister, Misty. She bought it at an artisan fair in Springfield. I don’t know the exact place that she bought it, but I have a feeling it was from a place called Springfield Hot Glass Company. I love them both. I’m always so afraid that I’m going to break them 😀

Week of Ornaments Day 1

14 Dec

Day one of my week of ornaments is some ornaments that my Dad made. They are wood that he cut out using his scroll saw. I love them. I love everything my dad makes for me, but he usually doesn’t have the patients for tedious work, so these are even more amazing!

Thanks Dad!! Your pretty rad!