I’m finally home from all the many traveling.

3 Jan

So, my many adventurous in traveling is over for now. After around 1800 miles between my husband and I, we are done traveling for a while! Man I’m glad. I greatly enjoyed all the time with family and the unexpected visiting with old friends! I got to spend a total of 7 and a half ish days at my parent’s house over the past two weeks. Man it was good. I haven’t spent that  much time there since I moved out the summer inbetween my freshman and sophomore year of college. It was so  much fun to spend that much time with family because my sisters where home for most of it too. It was great! I also got to see a dear friend get married to a man that God made just for her. She had to go all the way to Africa to find him, but they are started on an amazing journey that I love to watch unfold. While at her wedding I got to sit and chat with several old friends from my undergraduate days. It was so good to see these people that I love so dearly. Many times I get overwhelmed with large groups of people, even if I know them all. But this was great and I was sad to see each one of them go. Now I just need to see all the other people that didn’t make it to the wedding and I will be complete. 🙂 And now that I am home I will start posting regularly. I was afraid that since I hadn’t posted that all my readers would have forgot about me, but it doesn’t seem the case. That is a huge blessing to me. I thank each and everyone of you that make the treck to my blog. It makes me smile that you read what I have to say. And your comments keep me posting. Now that I’m home I’ll post more crafts and pictures of what is going on in my life. Right now there is about a foot and a half of snow and below 0 lows right now, so I predict lots of crafting. Esp, since I don’t have to go to classes until Feb!! Woot!

I’m happy to be home and back to blog land. My holidays were great and I’m hoping yours were too! How did you celebrate your holidays?


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