Man, I’m sorry Bloggy World!

9 Jan

Man, I am really sorry for my lacking of posts. I still haven’t seemed to recover from the holidays yet. One I got back and finally finished traveling, it seems like we have been so busy. I think we have had something going everyday this week. My break is not very restful, it seems that they never are. But today I am spending the whole day crafting. I went to Joann’s last night and bought the store out! Although, I did forget two get stuff for two different projects :). But I did get the stuff for several things. But don’t worry, I’m going to schedule my posts and not just give them all to you in one day and then forget about you again. Today we have a look at my Christmas goods. Not all of them, because let me tell you, my family and my in-laws are pretty flippin amazing and blessed me beyond reason this holiday season. The first present that directly ties into this blog is my new sewing machine!!! I love it.

And it’s super cute with the flowers on it. It’s a Brother LS2000. It’s so different sewing on this machine compared to my last. Let’s just say I don’t absolutely dread when the bottom bobbin runs out and it only takes me like a min to rewind and put it back in compared to 6 – 7 min. I love that fact.

The other really cool present I got that directly ties to this blog is my thread holder. My mom has one of these and I remember playing with it as a kid while she fixed things. We would move the thread around and flip them over and I have always really liked it. Well, since I’m sewing so much now, I felt that I needed a better place to keep all my thread organized. I didn’t really want to go out and buy anything and I know I didn’t want one that hung on our walls because it is impossible to hang stuff on our walls. Well, ok, impossible is a bit dramatic, but really hard. They are made out of plaster and concrete. It’s dumb. But blocks out the neighbor noise, so good….. Anyway, so I told Dad, I wanted him to build be a thread holder just like mom’s. And he did. How awesome is that. I love my dad, he is so awesome and can build the coolest stuff. And he is super willing to always fix anything we need. It’s so cool to go up to him and say, Dad, I have this problem, can you build something/jerry rig something/fix it/make it go away and poof, it’s done. Give him a drawing, dimensions and what material you want it to be made out of and there it is.

Please don’t mind the chair and towels in the background. I wanted to get the natural light and we have blankets up on all the windows because the high today is 9 degrees. The low last night, -10 degrees. Yes, I said NEGATIVE 10 degrees. Please do pay attention to the back ground out the door. Snow, lots of it. That’s my next post. So come back tomorrow. I’m getting ready to write it and schedule it for tomorrow. Glad to be back!


One Response to “Man, I’m sorry Bloggy World!”

  1. jennifereugene January 11, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    I got the same sewing machine too! I love it and it is super cute!

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