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On the second day…

31 Mar

Like I said the other day, the second day Misty and Amber were here, we crafted all afternoon.

Amber worked on making a new bag. Here is the flap that she appliqued for the first time ever and worked on most of the afternoon. Sally the sewing machine doesn’t like super think and bulky fabric….

Misty worked on these flower wall hangings or they could be coasters.

We just bought black ceramic tiles from Lowes, painted the edges black and then got the flowers in the scrap booking section and Misty just Modpodged them on. They look really cool

Misty also Modpodged a fat quarter on a journal for Amber.

I love the fabric choice.

And we have one more craft left to tell you guys about!


On the first night…

29 Mar

So on the first night Amber and Misty here, we just made dinner and hung out. We decided to do a taste test between Mac and Cheese. I had always wondered if it was worth it to spend more and buy the more expensive one that we will refer to as K or just get the cheap one we will call GV.

K is always on the right and GV on the left.

The packages look pretty similar.

Notice that K’s bowl on the right is larger. But we still thought that there was more in GV. K’s cheese looked much easier and required less butter and milk. GV needed a lot of butter. And we did both according to package directions.

This was by no means a scientific test, nor should you take our answers to mean anything. You should do the taste test with your family. the only person who didn’t know which mac and cheese was which was Dan, so it was a pretty biased test probably. We tried to keep open minds, but defiantly not a blind taste test. And having the two different size bowls wasn’t accurate either. Can you tell I’ve actually taken classes in this? I have, several actually…..

Anyway the Results!!

Two K, 1 GV, and one I can’t tell a difference!

Do the test yourself and let me know what you and your family thinks.

Weekend of great fun

26 Mar

So, this last weekend was my birthday and my sister’s came. Between my hubby, sisters and great friends it was an awesome weekend.
And not the weekend that is happening tomorrow, but the weekend after that my mom and dad are coming! So The fun just keeps continuing. Last weekend was so awesome and one of the best parts besides hanging out with friends was that we spent all afternoon Saturday crafting. It was awesome. The weather was less than acceptable here, so staying inside and creating was perfect.

This was the first day of spring here…. awesome. But it did make for an awesome day. So this next series of posts are the crafts that we did.

Amber at the sewing machine Sally all day.

Misty at the table doing an assortment of crafts.

Me much later with the ice cream cake Dan got me.

Birthday Gift 2

22 Mar

The other day I posted one of the presents that I made for my younger sister for her birthday, well, since making things is so cheap, I made her something for every week of the month. Week 1 was a pattern and fabric, because she is crafty too. Week 2 was the SE Asia inspired craft. Week 3 is a sewing machine cover and matching pin cushion.

I made her cover before I made mine, so I learned from hers. The main thing I learned is that hers turned out huge.

I used this tutorial from Sew 4 Home for the cover. It’s nice when we have the same machine.

I also made her a pin cushion that matches her cover.

I used the pattern from paper.string.cloth for cushion.

I made another one of them for my friend Meg, but I forgot to take a picture of it. It was super cute too! I might have to make me a pin cushion like that too. I already have so many though…. I just love pin cushions!

Sewing Machine Cover

20 Mar

So, I didn’t get anything on my list done today, but I did get a bunch of other stuff done. One was this sewing machine cover. I am so happy with the way that it turned out.

I just kind of winged the dimensions just a bit, ok, lets be honest I always wing it a bit. I love that fabric. I found it as a remnant at Joannes and it was the perfect amount. My machine has cords coming out the side where it plugs in so I just cut a slit and did a button hole without the bottom part of stiching.

I was so leery when I was making this but it turned out beautifully and I’m super happy with it.

Oh and I reorganized my craft corner with some new shelving and drawer thingys.

Guess what, It’s spring!!!

18 Mar

So my patience has paid off. Last fall we planted Tulip Bulbs. I have been eagerly waiting for them.

We put that grate down to keep the millions of squirrels from eating all my bulbs.

I’m so ready for spring.

South East Asia Inspired Craft

16 Mar

So I have a great friend in SE Asia right now. Last time I talked to her, she described this craft to me. So I decided to make one for my younger sister for her birthday! I knew she would like it because she also is good friends with my friend and loves SE Asia.

It’s super easy and I’ve seen variations of this around the blogosphere.

All it is some kind of cording, I used clothes line cording that I found at the dollar store. They even had different colors, so you could customize the color. Then you just get clothes pins and mod podge some pretty fabric scraps on them. Easy as pie. I also found the clothes pins at the dollar store, so this entire craft cost $2 and I already had the mod podge and fabric.

Then I just used red paper and white paper and cut the letters out. After her birthday she can take the letters off and put pictures or notes or anything she wants on it. You could even make it seasonal and clip different things for each season on it!

Funky Owl

14 Mar

So my good friend Jess from oh, my, yes got me this cute little guy from a thrift store.

Well, he isn’t the prettiest but she saw the potential and knew that I was just the person to uncover it!

I’m really happy with him! You notice it’s the same blue as my frame in my Jewelry holder!

He looks pretty happy on my end table.


8 Mar

So I found an awesome sight via Crafterhours. The website is called Wordle. You put in your blog address or text and it picks the words used most and displays them. Here is licking lollipops:

I love it. I think it is awesome. Now go make one for your blog and leave the link to it in the comments.

Rainbow Cupcakes!

6 Mar

So, I saw these rainbow cupcakes on Our Best Bites. Are those not the coolest cupcakes you have ever seen! I didn’t have much to do after work today so on a whim, I decided to make them.

Mine didn’t turn out as vibrant as their even though I used the gel food coloring like they did. And I didn’t use the same frosting. I found my frosting recipe here. I’m not sure what I did to the frosting, but it didn’t turn out anything like theirs. I used almost an entire half pint of whipping cream. I followed the directions but it did not go well. It tastes fine but it’s grainy and not pretty. I also don’t have any icing bags or tips so I couldn’t make it pretty. Don’t worry though, I did ask for some for my birthday.

When you fill the cupcake liners up too full, you get overflowing cupcakes. fyi

You even get fun colored papers after you are done with the cupcakes, which if I don’t say so myself, turned out pretty yummy.

If you have a good frosting recipe, please leave a link or the recipe in the comments.