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Button Holder

3 Mar

We have a local dairy here in Kansas City that has the best glass milk bottles. And their milk is pretty tasty too. I don’t really like milk, but man, theirs is pretty good. So what do you do with those super cute bottles after you are done with them? Well, you do pay a deposit so its worth it to take them back to the store if you are going to keep drinking their milk. But you could save a couple of them and use them as super cute storage. They didn’t really cost that much more than if you were to go to Hob Lob and buy something comparable and they are super cute too! So when you are out shopping, pay attention to the containers that things come in. There are ton of projects refashioning containers, but if you can buy really cool ones like this and they don’t need any refashioning then its an added bonus plus saves you time and makes your craft room (or corner, like mine) super cute.

I had a small one that use to have chocolate milk in it, so I put some of my favorite vintage buttons in it. My Grandma had a tin of buttons that my Mom got when we had to clean Grandma’s house out and she had just been holding on to them. Mom also has a bucket of buttons from her mom too, so we have to buckets of buttons from both grandmas. It’s pretty awesome coming from such a line of crafty people. Since Mom had two, she gave me one! So now I’m using current day milk jugs to display them and they are great decoration too. It’s especially cool since my Mom’s Dad use to deliver milk and my Dad’s parents (I have those buttons) use to be dairy farmers. I think it’s fitting.

I have a bigger sweet tea jug in my fridge right now from the same dairy that as soon as we finish the tea I’m going to put the rest of the buttons in. The little jar just has my favorite buttons in it. One of them is a button off of my Dad’s Navy pea coat from when he was obviously in the navy. My grandma just put it in her button stash.

I’ll make sure I post a picture of the big jar when we finish the tea. 🙂 And I’m pretty sure my Dad has my new sewing machine table/crafting complex done so when they come see me this month (for my birthday, yep my birthday is this month) I’ll get to organize my little crafting corner and I’ll post pictures of it too.