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And the Winner is…

28 May

And the winner is comment #7!

amberkayhoward May 22, 2010 at 10:46 am

I would have a pretty hard time choosing something to get, but I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to look for cool stuff to get!

I’ll send them your email address and you should be hearing from them pretty soon!!


Not much time left.

28 May

You don’t have very much time left to enter the giveaway!! Don’t forget or you’ll miss out.

I’ll be back later to announce the winner.

New Bag, Well Sort Of

26 May

Did you enter the giveaway yet?

So, I made a new bag. I made it about a monthish ago… I also got the book One Yard Wonders for my birthday…. I’ve totally been slacking on the blogging. Sorry about that.

I really enjoy this book. It has all kinds of awesome projects. I decided to make a new bag for myself because I was tried of the others and I needed a good springy bag!

The only thing I changed about the pattern was make long straps on it.

I really like it. It seems to be holding up well too, so I’m really happy with it.

Guess what I finally started actually quilting my first quilt. You can see the quilt top I did here. Yay, that’s right, that post is from October.

100th Post Giveaway!!

21 May

So I have reached 100 posts here are licking lollipops! So in honor of this, as I’ve been hinting at, I am going to have a giveaway. CSN stores has proudly offered to give away a $40 gift certificate to any of their 200 stores. You can get anything from a sleeper sofa to light fixtures to anything you can think of. I think I might get this for our bedroom wall that is blank:

Dan wants this one for that wall:

Or this for my kitchen, it is red:

So anyway, there are many things to choose from. So to enter just leave a comment with one thing that you would get from any of their stores. Make sure you leave your email so I can contact you. If you want another chance to enter, put this little old blog button or link in your blog roll or on  your blog! Giveaway ends next Friday at 6:00 pm! (that’s when I get off work)

Sheep Pillows

15 May

So when I saw these little lamb pillows at the Purl Bee I knew I had to make one. I didn’t know why I was going to make one, I just knew it had to make one. Well, we now have the perfect excuse. This summer we are going to visit Dan’s grandparents which also means going to see his aunts, uncles and cousins. I’m super excited. I don’t have much extended family and I’m so glad that I married into a big one. Dan has three cousins that are pretty young. So, I’m making each of them a little lamb with their name embroidered on it! I’ve got one done and one cut out and read for embroidering.

Three colors for three awesome cousins.

Make sure you check out the next post. It’s gonna be awesome and at least one person will probably walk away with something 😀

Grand Entry

13 May

Greetings, friends of Licking Lollipops! I’m excited to be doing some posts for Emily here. I have a few craft projects going on at the moment, but I’m going to use this first post to tell you a little bit about myself. So, here goes…

I like crafts, kids, reading, sports, my family, deep and meaningful friendships, my church, summertime, cows, and the color pink

I am seriously scared of  birds!!! and for no real reason except that I think they are nasty little creatures.

I work at a preschool, and really enjoy it. Everyday is something new, and the kids constantly keep things interesting. So, this week at school is something called “The Week of the Young Child,” which basically boils down to MASS CHAOS everyday! Today was a family picnic, and it had to be moved inside due to severe storms in the KC area. Close your eyes and imagine a room filled with 100+ kids and their families. It was crazy, not to mention that most of the staff were working 12 hour days. Nutso, but that’s part of what I love about my job…it’s never boring.

Now, for something that will give you a good laugh…tomorrow at school there is going to be a special guest. It’s Clifford, The Big Red Dog!!!

And guess who is going to be wearing the suit…that’s right, muah! I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I’m like 5’10”. Apparently you have to be tall to wear those crazy suits, and I got roped in. I might allow one picture to be taken of the event, just for you guys. We’ll see what happens.

My next post is going to involve a sweater that I am refashioning, so get ready for that goodness!

Until next time, much love.



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New Contributor Here at Licking Lollipops!!

11 May

So my good friend Meg is going to start being a regular contributor here on Licking Lollipops. Meet Meagan:

I met Meg in my undergraduate degree at the Baptist Student Union. We were friends then and then when I moved up here to KC I didn’t have very many friends. Well a semester later, Meg’s husband Luke started at the same school that I’m at and we became great friends. I defiantly have a tenancy to have tacky tastes and now Meg is the official tacky tester. Meaning: Meg makes me not tacky. 🙂 And we all thank her for that. Meg has seen the rebirth of my craftiness and supported me with this blog from the beginning.

Anyway, Meg works at a preschool full-time and has her undergraduate degree in Marketing. Her husband is Luke and is good friends with my husband Dan.

I’m so thankful that they are in KC and I’m even more thankful that we are such great friends. Meg is who I practice intentional community with and I am so thankful that she wants to hang out with me. So everyone get excited, the next post up is one from Meg!!

Happy Mom’s Day

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mama in the whole wide world!!

Thanks for always being there and letting me put you through the ringer regularly.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom-In-Law a girl could get. Thank you for letting me into your family and letting me be your daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to my new Grandma’s too!! I look forward to seeing you all this summer!

We miss those grandmas that can’t be here anymore, but look forward to seeing them again one day.

Mother’s Day Present

2 May

So I finally seem to have found my blogging mojo. So if you are a mother or mother-in-law to me, you should not read this post unless you want the surprise ruined. 🙂 I’ll wait while you turn to a different page….

So Ruffles and Stuff as paired up with Made to celebrate Moms! Did you see this. I love Disney, her ideas are always so great.

Well, one of the project they made were family tree broaches. I loved them so much that I made one for my mom and one for my mom in law.

This is the one for my mom.

This one is for Dan’s mom.

And yes, our families are just that coordinated. My mom has a mother’s ring that has all of our birthstones in it and you can’t even tell it’s birthstones. The broaches are super easy and I didn’t even have the correct jewelery making tools and it still worked. Instead of the tiny end pliers like Disney used, I used a ball point pen. It worked pretty good. I though the broaches would be nice to wear on Mother’s Day, so I plan on putting them in the mail this week for them. Yes we are horrible children and don’t get to go home on Mother’s day. Sad Day!

So now, go to the store, make one for your mom, and send me a picture of it. You can find my email address over there on the right.