Mother’s Day Present

2 May

So I finally seem to have found my blogging mojo. So if you are a mother or mother-in-law to me, you should not read this post unless you want the surprise ruined. 🙂 I’ll wait while you turn to a different page….

So Ruffles and Stuff as paired up with Made to celebrate Moms! Did you see this. I love Disney, her ideas are always so great.

Well, one of the project they made were family tree broaches. I loved them so much that I made one for my mom and one for my mom in law.

This is the one for my mom.

This one is for Dan’s mom.

And yes, our families are just that coordinated. My mom has a mother’s ring that has all of our birthstones in it and you can’t even tell it’s birthstones. The broaches are super easy and I didn’t even have the correct jewelery making tools and it still worked. Instead of the tiny end pliers like Disney used, I used a ball point pen. It worked pretty good. I though the broaches would be nice to wear on Mother’s Day, so I plan on putting them in the mail this week for them. Yes we are horrible children and don’t get to go home on Mother’s day. Sad Day!

So now, go to the store, make one for your mom, and send me a picture of it. You can find my email address over there on the right.


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