New Contributor Here at Licking Lollipops!!

11 May

So my good friend Meg is going to start being a regular contributor here on Licking Lollipops. Meet Meagan:

I met Meg in my undergraduate degree at the Baptist Student Union. We were friends then and then when I moved up here to KC I didn’t have very many friends. Well a semester later, Meg’s husband Luke started at the same school that I’m at and we became great friends. I defiantly have a tenancy to have tacky tastes and now Meg is the official tacky tester. Meaning: Meg makes me not tacky. 🙂 And we all thank her for that. Meg has seen the rebirth of my craftiness and supported me with this blog from the beginning.

Anyway, Meg works at a preschool full-time and has her undergraduate degree in Marketing. Her husband is Luke and is good friends with my husband Dan.

I’m so thankful that they are in KC and I’m even more thankful that we are such great friends. Meg is who I practice intentional community with and I am so thankful that she wants to hang out with me. So everyone get excited, the next post up is one from Meg!!


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