Duvet Cover tutorial

20 Jun

I am in the process of a full-fledged bedroom makeover, and am loving it. A couple weeks ago, we got a down comforter…I had been wanting one since about the day after we registered for our comforter set for our wedding ( which was 2 years ago). After getting the comforter, I went in search of a good, cheap duvet cover. I looked a couple of places, but didn’t find anything that suited my fancy. I did, however, find a set of king sized sheets on clearance at Target for $19.98. The print on the sheets was just what I was wanting, so I decided to make a duvet cover out of the sheets. Couldn’t be too hard, right?

So, come along and join me on my first tutorial writing adventure, and soon you’ll be making your own duvet covers.

You’ll want to start by getting a set of sheets that are a size bigger than your comforter. Our comforter is a queen sized, so the sheets I got were a king sized set.

Next, you’ll want to rip out the corner seams of the fitted sheet, and take out the elastic band. Once this is done, it will lay flat, but have cutouts at the four corners.

I then layed everything out on the floor. Flat sheet on bottom, comforter in the middle and fitted sheet with seams torn out on top.

It will look something like this. As you can see, the right sides should be facing in towards the comforter. Also, the fitted sheet (on top) won’t completely cover the comforter, but have no fear.

I lined up all three layers in one corner so that two sides were all even. On the third side I pinned it even with the comforter. I left what I am going to refer to as the top, which is the side where the fitted sheet doesn’t quite cover, open. Then I sewed up the other 3 sides.

The most difficult part of this project was the sewing, simply because of the size of the sheets. However, all in all it wasn’t too hard.

After I sewed the three sides up, I cut off the excess fabric. I cut the extra off the fitted sheet to make it a square at this time, however, this could be done in the beginning if you wanted to. Once the extra fabric is cut off, turn the whole thing right side out. Lay it out on the floor again, and put the comforter on top to determine what size your flap needs to be.

My pictures from here on out will have my fabric turned right side in, but that’s not the correct way…If you leave it right side in, your flap will end up sewn the wrong way. So, disregard that small detail in my pictures, and make sure you turn your fabric right side out before working on the flap.

As you can see in the picture, there is a lot of excess from the flat sheet that can be folded over to make the flap where the comforter can be put in and taken out. If you look closely you’ll see that the fitted sheet is about one square down on the comforter, which means your flap will need to go a little further than that to close everything up nicely.

So, with fabric turned right side out, you’ll want to fold the excess over so there are about 3 inches of overlap of the flap and the fitted sheet. Once you have it folded over, you’ll just need to pin up the sides, and then sew along both sides. Insert your comforter, and you are almost finished.

Now all that is left is to make your ties to keep things closed up nicely.

For the ties, you just need to use some of your excess fabric to make about 12 tubes that are about 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long. You can make these by cutting a rectangle of fabric that is about 1 inch x 3 inches. Then you’ll fold the rectangle in 1/2 lengthwise with the right sides together. Then turn it right side out so you have a little strip. Take your strips and pair them up sewing one along the top of the flap, and one along the inside. Tie the two strips together, and you’re set.

And here, my blogger friends, is the finished product.


2 Responses to “Duvet Cover tutorial”

  1. Rebecca Shawhan July 15, 2010 at 8:25 am #

    Color me seriously impressed! She sews, she crafts AND she blogs?! What an amazing DIL. xoxo


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