Wall Art

28 Jun

In my crafting corner/living room wall/dining room wall we had a painting we bought that I really like. When we were picking it out I wanted to go with one that was the next size bigger but I couldn’t find one that I liked and then I fell in love with this one. So I settled for the size because I liked it so much. Well we went home and put it up.

I love the painting and how it looks in the room, but it’s so small and that wall is so big. So what I decided it needed was a frame. But I’m cheap and custom framing is expensive, well not when you have a dad like mine, but he is 200 miles away and I wanted something that was cheap and not a bunch of work. So I went to Lowe’s and bought some molding. Mom and Dad came for a weekend and brought the miter saw. So one of the projects Dad and I worked on was cutting molding. After getting it all cut we all decided that the easiest thing would be for him to just take it home and finish it with the proper tools. (My dad does woodworking stuff and builds furniture, so he has bunches of tools that would do this job the right way, and Dad is all about doing jobs the right way) Well when we went home home (mom and dad’s home) on Memorial Day, my frame was done! Well, it was built. Dad doesn’t like to paint things, he stains everything, but I wanted it black. So I bought a can of spray paint and painted it. Today we hung it and I love the result!

Here is the view from the front door.

I really like it. It adds so much more to that wall. Oh and it’s that awesome man’s birthday today. He is 25. That may seem like babies to most of you, but man that seems old to me. It just seems strange that we are that old. 🙂 Remember the day when you use to think that?

Happy Birthday Dan!!! I Love You!!


One Response to “Wall Art”

  1. angelina la dawn June 29, 2010 at 3:09 pm #

    i love when you find just the right apartment art! and i know what you mean about 25 being old- i’m 26 and i know in the long run that’s nothing, but being more than half way to 30 is crazy! (happy birthday to your man)

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