Citronella Candles

1 Jul

Well, living in a major city has its perks. I love living here in Kansas City. One cool thing is that you can bunches of guests who need rides the airport. Some might say that is a huge hassle, but I love it because that means people come see us and I get to love on people before they travel, so I become part of their travel experience. I love to have people in my home and I love to make people feel at home in my home. I bring this up because my younger sister and her hubby just left for South East Asia about a week and a half ago. To make them feel super loved before they left we threw a party. Quite a few of our friends from my undergraduate days now live in KC, so we all got together and made it feel like the old days but in a great new way. Since our apartment is tiny and there was 10 of us total, I thought it would be best to have a BBQ and eat outside. It was great. I didn’t get any pictures because I was too busy enjoying myself. We took the dinning room table outside, grilled and sat around the fire pit and made smores. It was awesome. I was worried about having the food outside because of all the bugs that would be popping out right at sunset. Trust me you don’t need to be covered in mosquito bites before you go to a place as hot as they did. So what I did was whip up some homemade citronella candles. I used this tutorial over at Positively Splendid. (Have you seen her stuff? It’s awesome, I’m a special fan of those coke flower napkin rings. I have to make some!)

Here are all my supplies. I made them in those cute little terra-cotta pots. How cute for an outside party huh? Well, you know the hole in the bottom of the pots? No problem. Just get the wicks with the little metal thing that suppose to stick to the bottom of the pot and super glue around the hole. Make sure you get a good seal though or it will leak. Trust me, the first one did. What I did to the second two is seal around the metal thingy and then flip the pot over and seal around the outside of the hole on the  metal part there too. I also filled the pots up about an inch and let that solidify before I filled them full. This helped with the seal so I didn’t have any leaking on the last two. In the Tutorial she says you can tint your candles by chopping up some crayons. So I used these old slick ones that were glittery and metallic. I thought it would make the wax all glittery and look cool.

Don’t use these. The glitter/metallic part rises to the top and just looks weird. Here they are cooling off.

They worked great! I had all three sitting on the food table and we had no problem with bugs. On the opposite side of the porch a few people were starting to see bugs so I moved one over to that side and I don’t think anybody had any bites on them. I know I didn’t and that is unheard of for me! I wish I had pictures at the party, but it’s a good thing I was having too much fun. That’s what parties are for!

She also has a recipe for a bug replant spray on her blog too, so with all that extra citronella you have sitting around, you can whip up some of that. So go make yourself some candles!!


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