New Paint Job

13 Jul

So my Dad built me a sewing/crafting center. My Dad is just that cool. I come from a long line of crafters, Before my parent’s generation, it was out of necessity. My grandparents were farmers, so making everything was a way of life for them. My mom raising us as crafters was an option, but an option I am thankful for everyday. Because of that choice I appreciate quality. I can survive on tight budget and make my home still homie and welcoming. Anyway, back to the subject at hand. My Dad made me a sewing desk/counter thing. I thought about just getting a table or something but I really wanted to incorporate my old sewing machine and the cabinet it lives in. Before I got my machine for Christmas I was using an original 1920’s Singer Machine that flips down in a cabinet. You can see the post I wrote about it here. It was my first post. Well the machine works well and I really love it. I love the history that it has. I wish it could talk and tell me about the things it has seen and done, the projects it has sewed and the places it has been. I would have just put it as a display piece but when you have a total of four rooms and that includes your bathroom and kitchen, you don’t have room for display pieces. So my Dad made a custom cabinet/desk thing. Here is a picture of it in the natural state that it came in:

I was originally going to paint it black to match the other furniture in the living room. But then I bought that green rug at Target for $13!!! I love the pop of color and I’m in love with the lime/candy apple green at the moment. So I thought my crafty area could use a great pop of color too. So I painted it antique green:

I love it!!! I love that the color is unexpected. And I was really surprised at how well it went with the black, burgundy and purple that we already have. Oh and the all star game is on. Dan likes baseball…. In fact for our honeymoon this year we saw a St. Louis Cardinals game….. We did have really good seats though:

Oh and in other good news: GUESS WHAT DAN BOUGHT ME!!!! Only a professional series kitchen aid mixer. Yes it retails for $360 at Target brand new and yes we only paid $180 for it off craigslist and yes It works great!

I need to figure out a name for her. So leave your suggestions in the comments and come back on Thursday to wish Meagan a happy birthday and check out the cake I’m gonna make for her. It’s going to be epic. Yes, epic.


2 Responses to “New Paint Job”

  1. Trudy Bowen July 13, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    Your mixer is very pretty!! The first thing that came to mind for a name was “Bluebell”. Just a thought. I’m happy you have one. They are really nice.

    Love ya!!


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