Some of my projects really do get used!

19 Aug

So do you remember my tiered, interchangeable trays? Well, I use one of them in my home everyday. It has my homemade pears on it. But sometimes my stuff actually gets used for a real event. My older sister plays Bunco once a month. It’s really just an excuse to get together and eat. It travels to each Bunco players house once a year. Well my sister got her turn and used my trays!

It was a super cute theme of gardening. She made dirt and worms for desert and then to mark what each thing was, she printed off seed packets!

She said it was a really fun time. My younger sister did to, Yep I was the only one not there. But soon the tables are going to flip. My younger sister, Amber just moved to the east coast and in a year I am going to move back to where my older sister lives. Yep! Moving, but I have a year left. Oh ya, I just said I graduate in a year!!! But then I have to start real life. Eeeek!


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