CSN Product Review

23 Aug

Well as you remember I told you I was doing a product review for CSN stores. It was a hard choice between an electric fondue pot and a new duvet cover for my bedroom. I had been planning on making a duvet using Meg’s tutorial but I hadn’t found any sheets that I liked that were cheap. So I went for the duvet cover because it was such a good deal. This is the one that I chose.

To start off with, has anyone ever priced duvets? They are expensive, like $80 – $100 for a cheap one. Well, I wasn’t going to spend that much. This one was only $49 for a queen. So the first thing I was drawn to was the fact that it was cheap but still stylish. So many cheap ones are tacky.

The second thing I really liked about it was the pattern. I loved the paisley like print and it was reversible. So it can do double duty.

The third thing that drew me to it was the colors. I have been searching for something new for my bedroom, for a while now, but I finally found it. I have several different bedspreads that are all pretty different so everything else has to be kind of neutral. Well this duvet was a great place to start with the neutral colors.

So I pulled the trigger and picked the duvet!!!

It was an exciting day!

And here it is on my bed!

I love it. Here is a picture of the reversible side.

These pictures don’t have a duvet in there. The highs have been in the 100’s here so I thought the cover would be good enough by itself for a bit.

So my overall opinion? I love it. It is super soft and a great pattern. I’m really happy I chose the duvet cover! Like I said we don’t have a duvet actually in it yet but it’s been on the bed for about a week and a half and I still love it. I love sleeping with it and am very pleased with my purchase. The only thing I would change would be on the brown one there is a black outline around the design. At first I didn’t like that at all, but now it’s growing on me. The only other thing I would change is to wash or steam it before I took these pictures! 🙂 It is right out of the box. I was that excited. So my overall opinion: I would definitely purchase this duvet cover again and will purchase things from CSN stores again!

*note: I did receive a $40 gift certificate to pick any item I wanted. So this duvet cost me something like $18 after shipping costs. So I was paid to do this review but it is my true opinion. I really love how soft it is and how my whole room looks with it.


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