Birthday Chocolate

25 Aug

When you walk to the checkout at Joann’s the isles are lined with what I call impulse buys. Well I am a horrible impulse buyer. I mean horrible, I would buy it and then get home and realize I had three of them and never used any of them. But they sure looked handy and they were only $3. Well, I only $3 myself to death. Well, as Joann’s the other day, the line was really long, so I was looking at all the impulse buys. Well, Wilton had these little cupcake chocolate pick molds that spelled out Happy Birthday. And they were only $2. Well, I’m super glad I got them. I made them for my mom for her birthday. I even made them into crunch bars with rice crispy in them because those are her favorite.

Sorry about the flashy picture. I left my camera at home and I used mom. I’m not use to hers. They turned out really well. I piped the letter and circle in the mold and let that harden. Then I filled in the back and pick part with the crunch mixture. They were super easy but really add some to the cake. It would be super cute to do them with white chocolate that was colored.


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