I can’t wait for fall!!

31 Aug

So I can’t wait for fall to get here and the temperatures to go down a bit. The air conditioning quit in my car and it’s just not worth fixing at the moment. So fall is a welcome change for me this year. Also, I just love the colors of the trees and the brisk bite to the air. And mostly I get to wear my scarfs again. I love scarfs. It all started last year when my mom bought me one of those linen like ones that are really thick and long. Since then I have become obsessed. Check out my new one from what might just have become my most favorite store ever:

I love it. It is from a new store that is very boutique like. So I thought it would be really expensive but it’s not. That scarf was on sale for $4.99!!! It was only $10 regularly! It is so soft and fancy. I love it. I feel like a real grown up when I wear it, that is around my house, because it is 90 degrees outside, but I have to wear it right? It’s new.


One Response to “I can’t wait for fall!!”

  1. boost brain power May 15, 2016 at 12:02 am #

    Kudos! I appreciate it!

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