New Bag

17 Sep

So over labor day weekend, I had to have some sort of project. Working on homework all weekend just wasn’t going to fly. So I searched high and low in an effort to find a pattern for a new bag. I looked through tons of free patterns and I just couldn’t find anything. So I started googling purse patterns, and I still couldn’t find anything. So off I went to Joann’s. I searched though pattern book after pattern book and finally settled on one:

The one I made was the one on the bottom left. I am  really happy with the way it turned out. The pattern was pretty easy to use too. I get easily overwhelmed if I look to far ahead so I just followed it one step at a time and it turned out great.

The orange flower material is out of a decorator’s sample book. There was a thrift store we went to when we visited Dan’s grandparents this summer that had stacks ans stacks of them, so I grabbed it for only $1. It’s really heavy home decor weight fabric. I think it is going to hold up well. So far it seems to be and it’s been several weeks.

That orange fabric is on both sides. I was really nervous about the pleats but I love how they turned out. It was really hard for me to get my head around doing the pleats, but once I figured it out, I think they really add something to it. Right now at Joann’s I saw that they have costume material out and one of them is these brightly solid colored pleather like material. I’m sure it’s suppose to be for Halloween costumes but I think it will make an awesome bag, so I might go get some soon. They are really thin, so I think Sally the sewing machine won’t complain too bad. I really enjoyed making it. And it was cheaper than other bag that I saw and actually liked, so worth it to me.


One Response to “New Bag”

  1. Amber September 22, 2010 at 1:20 pm #

    Not gonna lie – when I saw this I had a secret wish that it would arrive in my mailbox in days to come. 🙂

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