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I can’t wait for fall!!

31 Aug

So I can’t wait for fall to get here and the temperatures to go down a bit. The air conditioning quit in my car and it’s just not worth fixing at the moment. So fall is a welcome change for me this year. Also, I just love the colors of the trees and the brisk bite to the air. And mostly I get to wear my scarfs again. I love scarfs. It all started last year when my mom bought me one of those linen like ones that are really thick and long. Since then I have become obsessed. Check out my new one from what might just have become my most favorite store ever:

I love it. It is from a new store that is very boutique like. So I thought it would be really expensive but it’s not. That scarf was on sale for $4.99!!! It was only $10 regularly! It is so soft and fancy. I love it. I feel like a real grown up when I wear it, that is around my house, because it is 90 degrees outside, but I have to wear it right? It’s new.


Em’s 4 Simple Goals

29 Aug

Well a couple of weeks ago you got introduced to Meg’s 4 simple goals from Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess.

Well here are my simple goals:

  1. Encourage and empower creativity. This blog helps me to stay creative. I do things to post on this blog. Reading others blogs also keeps me creative. So when the semester is really being awful to me, I can still create. I want to help other people be creative. I want to give others the tools and encouragement they need to be creative in their daily life.
  2. Start a new weekly feature here on the blog. In an attempt to blog more regularly and be consistent, I want to start a weekly feature. It will just be a simple glimpse of my life each week. Something I like, something that has happened, a quote I liked, a subject I’ve been thinking about. Just something about me and my life.
  3. Eat more healthy. Eat vegetables. Eat organic maybe? well, more things organic. Just eat better. More fruit less ice cream.
  4. Don’t procrastinate on school. Don’t leave projects till a week before they were due, esp when they were suppose to take you a month to do it. Do things before they are due so I don’t freak out about them.
  5. Communicate with those around me, primary with the hubs.

Yes, that is five, but that last one was really important. It should be number one 🙂 I hope you take the challenge too. You can post it on your blog and leave a link in the comments or if you don’t have a blog I would love for you to do a guest post here. I just want to empower and encourage you to do what you always wanted to do. It doesn’t matter what that thing is, just go and do it. Quit making excuses and try. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out. Then you can just move on to something else. One of my professors this week discussed how we are not afraid of failing, we are afraid of succeeding. So stop being afraid and try. You might just succeed more than you ever imagined possible.

New Hair Cut!!

23 Aug

So along with everything else, my mom also cuts hair. We went home this weekend and I got a new hair cut!

I really like it. It was down to the middle of my back. We cut it so I can send it to Locks of Love. Mom did a great job!!

CSN Product Review

23 Aug

Well as you remember I told you I was doing a product review for CSN stores. It was a hard choice between an electric fondue pot and a new duvet cover for my bedroom. I had been planning on making a duvet using Meg’s tutorial but I hadn’t found any sheets that I liked that were cheap. So I went for the duvet cover because it was such a good deal. This is the one that I chose.

To start off with, has anyone ever priced duvets? They are expensive, like $80 – $100 for a cheap one. Well, I wasn’t going to spend that much. This one was only $49 for a queen. So the first thing I was drawn to was the fact that it was cheap but still stylish. So many cheap ones are tacky.

The second thing I really liked about it was the pattern. I loved the paisley like print and it was reversible. So it can do double duty.

The third thing that drew me to it was the colors. I have been searching for something new for my bedroom, for a while now, but I finally found it. I have several different bedspreads that are all pretty different so everything else has to be kind of neutral. Well this duvet was a great place to start with the neutral colors.

So I pulled the trigger and picked the duvet!!!

It was an exciting day!

And here it is on my bed!

I love it. Here is a picture of the reversible side.

These pictures don’t have a duvet in there. The highs have been in the 100’s here so I thought the cover would be good enough by itself for a bit.

So my overall opinion? I love it. It is super soft and a great pattern. I’m really happy I chose the duvet cover! Like I said we don’t have a duvet actually in it yet but it’s been on the bed for about a week and a half and I still love it. I love sleeping with it and am very pleased with my purchase. The only thing I would change would be on the brown one there is a black outline around the design. At first I didn’t like that at all, but now it’s growing on me. The only other thing I would change is to wash or steam it before I took these pictures! 🙂 It is right out of the box. I was that excited. So my overall opinion: I would definitely purchase this duvet cover again and will purchase things from CSN stores again!

*note: I did receive a $40 gift certificate to pick any item I wanted. So this duvet cost me something like $18 after shipping costs. So I was paid to do this review but it is my true opinion. I really love how soft it is and how my whole room looks with it.

Meg’s 4 Simple Goals

16 Aug

Elsie from A Beautiful Mess did a 4 simple goals challenge a few days ago, and I jumped on the bandwagon. So, without further ado, here are my 4 simple goals to accomplish before the new year…

1. Eat healthier – I don’t necessarily eat that unhealthily right now, but I would like to get some more fresh fruits and vegetables into my diet.

2. Make weekly menus – I think this will help in accomplishing my first goal, but I probably only cook one meal a week simply because I don’t plan ahead. I would like to start making a weekly menu on Sunday afternoons in order to save money, eat healthier, and make my husband happy. ( Also, I hate going to the grocery store, but Luke said that if I make a menu and grocery list, he will do the shopping!! That’s some major incentive for me.)

3. Downsize the amount of clothes and shoes that I own – I’m really not a pack rat when it comes to anything besides clothing and shoes, but when I look through my closet, I try and justify owning everything in there (even if I haven’t worn it in a few years). I always say, “but if this situation came along, then I would need this outfit.” Not OK…I need to do some downsizing. Not to mention, we don’t have a very big closet, and it’s bursting at the seams.

4. Visit the dentist and eye doctor – All I have to do is look up the phone numbers, and make the appointments. For whatever reason, I am really bad at doing things that require a phone call and an appointment. I actually enjoy going to both, and we have insurance so there won’t be much of a charge. I just can’t seem to remember to pick up the phone and make the appointments.

So there they are…I will try and keep you all updated on my progress. In the meantime, go visit Elsie, and consider taking the challenge as well.

Well, we had a great time on vaca

13 Aug

Dan and I went on vacation to go see a friend of mine and both sets of his grandparents. We had such a blast. It was so good to see my friend Deena and did both of us a world of good just to be able to spend time together. Then we ventured on to Texas to see one set of Dan’s grandparents and his aunts, uncles and cousins that all live there. It was so good to see everyone there. We got to spend time on the lake and time just chilling and relaxing. After that we traveled on to Arkansas and spend time with the other set of family and had a blast there too. Dan’s grandpa goes to craft shows all over the state of Arkansas selling wooden things that he makes. The things he makes the most out of are pens. These are some of the coolest pens you’ve ever seen. He has other things too like necklaces and kaleidoscopes. Well, we went to the craft show the last day we were in town and I got to help out at his booth. I loved it. I loved talking to the people and telling them about Bapa’s goods. Plus I got to help them out so it was a win win. One of the many things I love about being married is the fact that my family is huge now. Growing up we didn’t really have a lot of extended family and Dan has a ton. My grandparents died when I was pretty young and half of them had Alzheimer’s Disease for the last part of their lives so, my memories of them are when I am really young. So the perk of marrying into Dan’s family is that I have grandparents as an adult now!! It was so much fun to interact and just talk to them. I like old people, most of them more than people my own age. I love to hear their stories and learn about their lives. So we defiantly had a great time.

Then shortly after I had finally recovered from being back from vacation and back to the blogging world, I got sick, so hopefully now that school is starting I’ll start blogging more regularly. I have bunches of projects that have been made and pictures that have been taken, just none posted. So hopefully I will just sit down and schedule a bunch soon. Oh and did you hear what I said, school is starting soon. What the heck! what happened to my summer? Sigh. Another summer gone. But I did get lots of books read and much relaxing done. I might actually be ready for this semester to start. Then I remember I’m taking 15 hours of graduate work and realize, I’m not ready for this at all. Here is to making it through the last year!!

Oh and because you can’t have a post without a picture here is a picture of some gators we saw at the Gator and friends park when we visited Deena:


2 Aug

I just got back from vacation and had an awesome time! I’ll tell you all about it in the next few days. For now, the good people at CSN have decided to let me do a product review. Remember the giveaway I had last time? That was from them too. Don’t forget you can get everything from a bedroom vanity to things to hang on your walls!!

Lion Brand Yarn Catalog and Studio

23 Jun

My crafting addiction just went to a new level. I just got the Lion Brand Yarn Catalog in the mail and couldn’t be more excited about it. And then I realized I want to move into their studios and just live there. Just be with all that yarn to feel and crochet and wrap around things.

Wouldn’t you?

They have a sampling studio!! Like it’s an ice cream shop and you can try the different flavors. Sigh.

(image from Lion Brand Studio Website)

New Contributor Here at Licking Lollipops!!

11 May

So my good friend Meg is going to start being a regular contributor here on Licking Lollipops. Meet Meagan:

I met Meg in my undergraduate degree at the Baptist Student Union. We were friends then and then when I moved up here to KC I didn’t have very many friends. Well a semester later, Meg’s husband Luke started at the same school that I’m at and we became great friends. I defiantly have a tenancy to have tacky tastes and now Meg is the official tacky tester. Meaning: Meg makes me not tacky. 🙂 And we all thank her for that. Meg has seen the rebirth of my craftiness and supported me with this blog from the beginning.

Anyway, Meg works at a preschool full-time and has her undergraduate degree in Marketing. Her husband is Luke and is good friends with my husband Dan.

I’m so thankful that they are in KC and I’m even more thankful that we are such great friends. Meg is who I practice intentional community with and I am so thankful that she wants to hang out with me. So everyone get excited, the next post up is one from Meg!!

Happy Mom’s Day

9 May

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mama in the whole wide world!!

Thanks for always being there and letting me put you through the ringer regularly.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom-In-Law a girl could get. Thank you for letting me into your family and letting me be your daughter.

Happy Mother’s Day to my new Grandma’s too!! I look forward to seeing you all this summer!

We miss those grandmas that can’t be here anymore, but look forward to seeing them again one day.